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By 2030, roughly 60 percent of jobs will require a degree or credential beyond high school.

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There are more than 800,000 students in Dallas County. Currently, only 13 percent of public high school students graduate ready to succeed in postsecondary education. And for our African American and Hispanic students, who collectively represent over 80% of our region’s 1st graders, that concerning number drops to only 4 percent.

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These are our students, our future. It is our responsibility, as a community, to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed.

In 2011, a group of Dallas County education, nonprofit, business and community leaders banded together, determined to improve our education system. They understood the daunting circumstances that doom many students throughout the region. They also knew that there are pockets of excellence and schools where sustainable progress is being made. Led by an unprecedented collection of education advocates, the group adopted a philosophy of cooperation, inclusion, and optimism that positive change is possible.

Today, the Commit! Partnership and its 100+ organizations help drive student achievement from cradle to career by leveraging data and collaboration to:

As we continue to grow our partnership, we remain focused on one uniting truth: If we work together and use data to improve, we can bring about real change.

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