The Commit! Partnership

The Commit! Partnership Infrastructure

  • Leadership Council

    The Leadership Council, composed of education, business and civic leaders from across the region, uses its meaningful influence to help strategically direct resources to Support Councils and their

    Action Networks, rally public support for Commit! Partnership efforts and advocate for the necessary steps throughout the region and in Austin at the state level.

  • Support Councils

    Support Councils set strategic priorities to impact our key student achievement indicators using the best available national research, local data and community input. Each Support Council is composed of a

    highly knowledgeable collection of research experts, funders, retired practitioners, association chairs and community advocates, which uniquely allows the Support Council to add necessary context to the data.

  • Action Networks

    Action Networks develop and execute community-level plans to address the root causes impacting our key student achievement indicators.

    Action Networks are composed of practitioner groups working in the field with education providers to collaboratively improve outcomes identified as top priorities by each Support Council.

  • Backbone Organization


    The backbone is a separate, dedicated group that plans, manages, and supports the Commit! initiative to increase student achievement in Dallas County. The work of the backbone includes:

    1. Measuring progress on community indicators

    2. Connecting, coordinating and convening participating


    3. Analyzing data to guide decisions

    4. Disseminating national and local research on

        effective practices

    5. Communicating across the many players in this effort to help ensure aligned action

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Common Goals, Coordinated Efforts


How does the partnership ensure alignment and collaboration?

The Commit! backbone brings change agents together, serving as the backbone organization to coordinate and support the efforts of all our partners and provide continuous communication regarding our collective current progress and remaining gaps in student performance. All stakeholders share a common agenda, and all have agreed upon statistically definable goals and shared measurement systems.


How do the strategies set by Support Councils become Action Network initiatives?

When a Support Council decides on a strategic priority, it will form one or more Action Network(s) to develop and execute community-level plans. Support Councils are responsible for providing Action Networks with a clear scope, approving all community-level plans and tracking their progress.


How does a Support Council communicate with the Leadership Council?

The chairperson for each Support Council will also sit on the Leadership Council, ensuring a two-way flow of communication. Support Councils are responsible for keeping the Leadership Council updated on strategy decisions and the ongoing work of Action Networks. With that necessary information, the Leadership Council can focus its influence to provide Support Councils with the resources necessary for success.


Leadership Council


Joel Allison

Heather Ashwell-Hair

Peter Beck

Yasmin Bhatia

Dr. Lew Blackburn

Dr. David J. Chard

Brent Christopher

Trisha Cunningham

Dr. David E. Daniel

Bruce Esterline

Florencia Velasco Fortner

Ken Gilbert

Scott Griggs

Alex Hales

Stacey Hodge



Susan Hoff

Richard W. Holt

Dr. Susan Simpson Hull

Lee F. Jackson

Larry James

Whitcomb Johnstone

Michelle Kinder

Laurie Larrea

Tanya McDonald

Dr. Michael D. McFarland

Linda McMahon

Mike Miles

Mike Morath

Anne Motsenbocker

Elvia Noriega


Dr. Dawson Orr

Scott Orr

Dale Petroskey

J. Puckett

Mike Rawlings

Eric Reeves

Florence Shapiro

Michael Sorrell

Nicole Small

George Tang

Paula Turicchi

Todd Williams

Ellen Wood

Support Councils


Peter Beck

Mary Jane Bowman

Dr. David Brown

Nell Carvell

John Castle, Jr.

Alan Cohen

Elna Davis

Regen Horchow Fearon

Juany Valdespino-Gaytan



Marnie Glaser

LeAnn Kite Hampton

Susan Hoff

Charis Hunt

Mary M. Jalonick

Dr. Helena Mosely

Dr. Margaret Owen

Dr. Donna Persaud

J. Puckett



Lisa Oglesby Rocha

Dr. Raul Rojas

Melanie Rubin

Dora Torres-Moron

Paula Turicchi

Shawn Williams

Cynthia Yung


Heather Ashwell-Hair

Fatih Ay

Anna Michele Bobadilla

Vicki Bridges

Rev. Gerald Britt

Ashley Bryan

Dr. David J. Chard



Alex Hales

Rich Harrison

Steve Hinkley

Patti Kieker

Dr. Helena Mosely

Dr. Gabrielle Polk

Tegwin Pulley



Dr. Ann Smisko

Aleta Stampley

George Tang



Tynesia Boyea-Robinson

Dr. Mary Brumbach

Angela Farley

Eric Griffin

Laura Irvine

Laurie Larrea

Dr. Barbara Lerner



Greg Mangum

Dr. Michael K. McClendon

Alfreda Norman

Marcia Page

Forrest Parrott

Alexandria Perez

Amber Pizano



Eric Reeves

Gretchen Riehl

Wynn Rosser

Byron Sanders

Sandi Smith

Candy Slocum

Joe Supino



Dr. Rodney Andrews

Dr. Tamela Horton

Dr. Whitcomb Johnstone

Dr. Kristin Kuhne

Donna McAda

Elvia Noriega

Dr. Cecilia Oakeley



Dr. Richard Plott

Missy Rowe

Becky Sheppard

Anisha Srinivasan

Dr. Karen Thierry

Debbie Youngs




Rep. Rafael Anchia

Rep. Dan Branch

Sen. John Carona

Lanet Greenhaw

Rep. Eric Johnson

Mike Morath



Scott Orr

Rep. Bennett Ratliff

Eric Reeves

Sen. Florence Shapiro

Rep. Jason Villalba

Sen. Royce West




Dylan Bolden

Garrett Boone

Karry Chapman

Sarah Cotton Nelson

Carmen Darville

Charles Glover

Tawana Grover



Alex Hales

Demetrus Liggins

Pam Linton

Rhonda Nelson

Roosevelt Nivens

Jeremy Smith

Ellen Wood


Action Networks



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Backbone Organization




Todd Williams

Andy Canales

Sagar Desai

Jonathan Feinstein

Kyle Gardner

Chelsea Jeffery

Sarah Jensen



Ashwina Kirpalani

Robert Mundinger

Gabriela Perez

Andres Ramos

Sameen Wajid

Tarik Ward

Jeanne Whitman-Bobbitt